The Best Solar Heater

Potable water (water safe for drinking)

Fresh water is essential to human and other land-based life

Making the right choice

Experience The Exceptional Quality of Solar Heater with affordable and long lasting solar panels.

Solar Heater hot water systems can last for more than more than 15 years. Since the inception in 1980, We have thousands of installations that lasted more than 2 decades.

Why Choose Us!​

Malaysia’s most experienced

Save up to RM1,000 per system of your yearly water heating bill..

About 700 – 800kW of electricity being saved per year

See What Our Clients Has To Say....

“We are thrilled with our decision to go for Solar Heater by Detriot Renewable Energy Centers. The entire installation process was simple and straight forward. Solar Heater has reduced our electricity bill for the past 10 years and it is still counting now. ”
Mia Betty
"We experience no more sudden hot or cold water supply that can ruin our bath pleasure and the company and the solar hot water heating system to anyone.”
Timothy Goodman